Friend Zone

LOOK OUT. Valentine’s Day is almost here. Stop focusing on your relationship status and start looking at this day as an opportunity. Start a group text with your best friends and get ready to celebrate. Valentine’s Day is now PAL-entine's Day, and our florists at Daniela's Flower Shop II in Manhattan, NY, have valentine's day ideas for friends.

Our 1-800-Flowers Pink Rose Fancy By Real Simple flower arrangement is a beautiful accent to PAL-entine’s Day. Pitch in and surprise the PAL-entine’s Day host with this stunning arrangement. It is the ideal look and size for a centerpiece, and it still incorporates that Valentine’s Day look. Turn your home into a friend zone this Valentine’s Day with these Valentine's Day ideas for friends.

This Valentine’s Day, we want you to have fun with your friends with Valentine’s Day party ideas that are simple and can help you recapture the innocence of Valentine’s Day as a child. Personalize Valentine’s Day cards like the ones you exchanged with your friends as a child. Embrace the nostalgia this PAL-entine's Day with a party. Your party setting could be decorated with paper hearts and could feature a cookie frosting station for do-it-yourself sweets you can all exchange. Who’s says you can’t have a little nostalgic fun? Party Valentine’s Day away with some fun PAL-entine's Day party ideas!

Friends make the bad times more tolerable. Romantic love may not be in the picture, but we are never completely alone when we have friends. It is very common to exchange gifts with friends when you are young, but why should it stop? Some Valentine’s Day ideas for friends that harken back to a simpler time include easy gifts like homemade friendship bracelets. They later become great keepsakes to look back on and cherish. The idea of a mix tape can still send a resounding message with the unique songs that are chosen, which can now be sent digitally. If homemade gifts are too time-consuming, consider another gift they may love Let your PAL-entines know you care with a reflection of your friendship.

When choosing the ideal Valentine's Day ideas for friends, consider what works best for your friend group. PAL-entine's Day is a day to enjoy with friends. Our florists at Daniela's Flower Shop II in Manhattan, NY, are here to help make this PAL-entine's Day the best one yet. Take this PAL-entine's Day as an opportunity to make memories with the people you care about most.

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