7 Ways to Brighten up Your Home for Spring

As more and more people realize that happiness can’t be found on the screen of a device, humanity is retreating from technology and getting reacquainted with the natural world. Ancient people were always aware of the seasons, and now, we are rediscovering how good it feels to be connected to nature, the earth and the seasons. There is no time like the present, so let’s make a connection with all things spring.

1. Painted Love

When it comes to brightening your home for spring, there is no cheaper, easier or more effective way to make an impact than with a little bit of paint, specifically some cheerful, vibrant shades. Put your best foot forward and start at the front entryway. Paint your front door an unexpected shade to celebrate the warmth headed your way with an inviting color you choose to mark the change in season.

Moving inside, choose a focal wall and give it a breath of fresh air. While you are at it, stow away all those cumbersome winter jackets that may be hanging near the front door because they need not be part of your new spring décor.

This year’s trend is bold colors. Bold colors go great with 2018’s trend of greys, but if you are feeling antsy about really piling on the paint, a popular trend is to embrace ten percent color in the form of statement pieces- glassware or even a few fresh flowers. White always has a spring appeal, so if you are a bit careful with color, brighten your home with white. Even a white bedspread exudes clean, radiant springtime.

2. Flower Hour

Flowers have always been synonymous with spring, but this year, flowers are also incredibly popular. Find a color in your room décor and match it with a coordinating type of flower. Fresh flowers automatically remind anyone entering the home of spring, and the light scent lifts moods and promotes relaxation. Small changes can make a big difference in both atmosphere and mood.

Floral fabrics and wallpaper prints are making a huge comeback. Minimalism’s long, dull reign and recent departure created a backlash of unexpected colors and dramatic floral elements. Changing the upholstery on chairs or curtains or even switching a bedspread to a light-hearted floral pattern can usher in the wild feeling of spring without breaking the bank.

3. Let There Be Light.

Don’t be afraid to change out those heavy, winter curtains for a lighter, somewhat sheer material to allow more sunlight to enter your home. You can always opt for light-colored blinds underneath the sheer curtains for times you need added privacy.

Clean windows sparkle, so clear away the dust. It is a bothersome task but not overly time-consuming, and it will make a huge difference in both the appearance of your windows and the amount of light that will enter your home.

Heavy rugs can be stowed away unseen with all those winter coats and boots you no longer need. Switch them out with lightweight sisal rugs to put some spring under your step.

4. Sustain on the Brain

Caring about the environment is widely regarded as important, and even interior design is following suit. Sustainability is something to celebrate. Changing the upholstery on furniture is a great way to keep a piece and match your mood.

It’s hard to keep up with the ever-changing trends. Thrift stores can be great places to find that coveted, one-of-a-kind accent piece, and with the ode to seventies style we see emerging, thrift stores may be the perfect place to score a chic, bohemian accessory.

Sustainability also means that great care is taken to investigate an item’s origins and to appreciate and support local, small businesses. Items made by hand using sustainable materials like clay and rice paper are lending added authenticity and depth to homes. Warm, unfinished and repurposed wood is trending, and with right décor, wood accents can turn any home into a spring cottage.

5. Shudder at Clutter.

There is a new movement to simplify our surroundings and only keep things we either need or things that give us joy. Spring is a great time to embrace this notion as the entire season is one of rebirth. There is a reason that spring cleaning is a thing. Even though cleaning never sounds like fun, it can be liberating to lighten the load. It isn’t just cleaning, it is cleansing.

Start your spring cleaning in closets and cabinets as those places tend to be repositories for unnecessary goods. Sell or donate what you can, but don’t be afraid to also throw things away. Sometimes we start off with good intentions but lose momentum and end up with bags and boxes that we never take out of the home, which become even more cumbersome versions of clutter.

Only keep things you need and try not to hang onto things that no longer have a place in your life. If something no longer fits, it may be time to let it go. Embrace who you are now and surround yourself with items that coincide with who you are today, not who you were yesterday or who you might be tomorrow.

6. Take a Chance with Plants

Spring is a fine time to enjoy nature, for it is a time when nature is at its most beautiful and bountiful. Nature was once celebrated for this fact. Before manufacturing, spring’s arrival often meant relief and survival beyond the harsh, empty and severe landscape of winter. In the past, the seasonal change might have even meant the difference between starvation and abundance.

Plants bring the calming, soothing presence of the natural abundance of spring. They add texture and freshness to a room. The benefits of plants go well beyond decorative beauty and creating a spring mood. Plants cleanse the air, remove toxins and create oxygen.

Studies have shown that having plants nearby can lower blood pressure, reduce stress-induced muscle tension, improve productivity, creativity and general well-being and increase attentiveness. In fact, plants have even been shown to reduce symptoms of attention deficit disorder.

Being around plants dates all the way back to our humble beginnings. For the sake of your health and well-being, it would not be a bad idea to incorporate some plants into your surroundings, and what better time than spring?

One thing we do want to mention is that some plants can be harmful if ingested, so be sure to do plenty of research if you have young children or pets. Make sure your plants are safe for all members of your household.

7. Out with the Old, In with the Bold.

Paint, fabrics and accessories in gray and neutral tones are being replaced with vibrant jewel colors like indigo, teal and emerald this spring. Home decor is all about texture and drama. This is the year to embrace curves. This year’s furniture embraces curves, too. Organic shapes, scalloped edges and deep texture prevails.

Instead of minimalist, small pieces of art, choose a large dramatic piece with a spring color pallet that really speaks to you on a personal level. Be willing to boldly cover an entire wall with it. Let your individuality guide you. Choose combinations of patterns that you love.

Vibrant colors, mixed metal accents, statement ceilings and other unexpected accents can send a message of the warmth and comfort that is always synonymous with spring. Selecting fewer pieces and focusing on pieces that you really love is the key to boldly embracing this spring style.

No matter what colors, furniture or décor you associate with spring, your home is an extension of you. Your home is a sanctuary, a place of comfort and a place that should inspire happiness and relaxation. Plants and flowers are a great way to celebrate spring. Let our florists at Daniela's Flower Shop II in Manhattan, NY, bring the perfect bouquet or plant to decorate your space.

If anything about your home or even your life is making you unhappy, it may be time to make a change. Big or small, change can be frightening, but as the earth and the four seasons show us, change is a natural occurrence. Every season brings a different type of beauty and abundance. After every winter, there comes a spring.

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